At Just Dance, it is our goal to make each child feel like a somebody and not just a number. ​

Our NZAMD classes are based on a syllabus where kids learn a range of exercises to prepare them for the option of sitting an exam once a year. The classes are fun and interactive and teach kids the skills and techniques for different dance styles.

We also have an end-of-year show where all kids get the chance to perform on stage.

Our Classes

They haven't tried dancing before? PERFECT!

We promise an interactive, fun and inclusive class that not only engages them, but teaches the foundations of different dance genres.

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1st Rosette    |   3-4 years

2nd Rosette  |  4-5 years

3rd Rosette  |  5-6 years

Preparatory  |  6-7 years

Grade 1  |  7-8 years

Grade 2  |  8-9 years

Grade 3  |  9-10 years

Grade 4  |  10-11 years

Grade 5  |  11-12 years

Pre-Elementary/Grade 6  |  12-13 years

Elementary/Grade 7  |  13-14 years

Intermediate/Grade 8  |  14-15 years

Advanced/Grade 9   |  15-16 years


1st Rosette    |   3-5 years

2nd Rosette  |  4-6 years

3rd Rosette  |  6-8 years

Grade 1  |  7-9 years

Grade 2 |  8-10 years

Grade 3 |  9-11 years

Grade 4 |  10-11 years

Grade 5 |  11-12 years

Grade 6  |  12-13 years


1st Rosette    |   4-5 years

2nd Rosette  |  5-6 years

3rd Rosette  |  6-7 years

Stretch Leap & Spin  |  7-8 years

Grade 1  |  8-9 years

Grade 2  |  9-10 years

Grade 3  |  10-11 years

Grade 4  |  11-12 years

Grade 5  |  12-13 years

Pre-Elementary  |  13-14 years

Elementary  |  14-15 years

Intermediate  |  15-16 years

Advanced 1  |  16-17 years

Advanced 2  |  17-18 years


Introductory    |   8-9 years

Preparatory  |  9-10 years

Level 1  |  10-11 years

Level 2  |  11-12 years

Level 3  |  12-13 years

Level 4  |  13-15 years

Level 5  |  15-17 years

Level 6  |  17-18 years

Adult Classes

We offer a range of adult dance classes for everyone. Whether you have always dreamed of dancing, or have years of experience, we have a class to suit your level.
In a fun, supportive environment, our highly trained teachers focus on the basic principles of each genre while also creating a challenging workout.

Adult Ballet

Tuesday @6.20pm

For anyone who has dreamed of doing ballet. Beginner ballet is a fun, interactive class that helps you to learn the basics and explore movement and music.

Low Impact Adult Ballet

Wednesday @11.30am

For anyone who has dreamed of doing ballet. Low-impact ballet is a fun, interactive class that helps you to learn the basics and explore movement and music in a gentle way.

Adult Tap

Wednesday @5.30pm

This class introduces you to the essential steps, sounds, and movements of Tap. Learn the basic steps and sounds you can make in a fun, interactive class.

Dance Fit

Friday @9.30am

A fun dance-based fitness class accessible for all levels of fitness. Work to build cardio, strength, and mobility - and be prepared to sweat!

Specialty Classes

Prep Polish and Perform

Open to students currently taking 2 or more classes a week. This class will focus on performance and troupe dances. Enrolling in this class is an attendance requirement as you will be working together to learn group dances and compete in comps throughout the year. High attendance and understanding there will be extra practices as you head into comp season. Aside from sickness or the occasionally missed class attendance is required for all scheduled classes.


Grade 5 and up Variations is a repertoire class based on learning variations (snippets from classic Ballets) and the stories behind them.

Goal Setting and Personal Development

This class will have no cost if you are already taking 3 or more other classes.
This class is based around setting personal goals including dance-specific, lifestyle, academic, nutrition, etc and is a time for them to both set goals as well as have time and support to work towards them

Pre-Point/Pointe &Advanced Pointe

Students must be 11+ years old and have their ballet teacher’s approval to enroll in the pre-pointe class. Students taking pre-pointe must also take 1 other ballet class during the week in addition to pre-pointe to ensure that they are building strength and endurance to be ready for pointe. For Grade 6 Ballet and up, the Pre-Pointe/Pointe class is for all levels of pre-pointe and pointe. The Advanced class is an extension of this for Grade 9 Ballet and up - full pointe class only and at the discretion of the teacher. Our team of pointe teachers evaluates each student individually to go on pointe.


Our classes are intentionally small to give you a personalised service where we can really focus on you.
We have different pricing options available to suit your lifestyle and offer a free trial for your first class.

 Private Classes

Private classes are available on request for competition dances and exam prep. Please talk to your teacher for more information.

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If you're interested in our classes and would like more information, we would love to have a chat with you.

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