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Carla Bedford

Carla's introduction to pilates was through dance. When she started teaching, she chose to begin her classical pilates training to better help the dancers she was working with. Carla is now enjoying teaching at all levels, from beginner to advanced, and loves the ability she has through this medium to improve people's lives. Carla enjoys seeing the progress her clients make, the strength and mobility they gain, and also the reduction in injuries and the symptoms of these. 

  • Pilates
  • Personal Training 
  • Movement Appraisal
  • Lymphasical Reset

Email: carla@justthrive.co.nz
Phone: 021 023 57440

Let's Move - With Tarsh

I have such passion in getting people out of their comfort zone and finding an exercise plan that YOU enjoy. So if your ready to make that step get in touch today.

Email: tarsh@letsmove.co.nz 

  • Lymphasical Reset
  • Kaizen Base Test
  • Health and Lifestyle Coaching
  • Personal Training

What We Offer


Movement Appraisal

30 minutes with Carla @ NZ$40.00

A great way to get in touch with your body. We cover activation as well as mobilization and look for ways to help you move easily and well.


Lymphascial Reset

1 HOUR with Carla or Tarsh @ NZ$70.00

Depending on lymphatic build up this treatment is recommended every 4-6 weeks This is a treatment modality combining the body’s fascial system with the lymphatic system. The combination of both systems together enables synergistic actions of both. Our fascial system doesn’t just free up our physical body, it can also counsel our emotional body & has a massive role to play if we succumb to pain or disease too. This is a great healing treatment that boosts our immunity and well-being.


Kaizen Base Test

55 minutes with Tarsh @ NZ$110.00

Tarsh will look at the major centers where your load transfers, Ankle, Pelvic ring & Thorax. This can tell us a lot about what is going on with your body. The best part is being able to check if issues are structural or issues. Structural means this is how your body is - no amount of stretch is going to release it. You will need to be aware of movements that might not be right for this part of your body and functional means a little TLC, mobilising and release work this area can be helped.


Health and Lifestyle Coaching


Health and lifestyle coaching can cover a range of complaints you may have. I have a ASI & a ASC form for you to fill out which helps direct our sessions. ASI – Adrenal stress indicators and ASC adrenal stress conditions. These forms have 4 areas we look into first; mental & emotional, environmental, metabolism & lifestyle. We can look at triggers & responses from this. In cases where there is too much stress & inflammation we may need to look into further tests.


Personal Training with Carla

50mins @ NZ$70.00

From Pilates instruction to more traditional strength, fitness and mobility training or even dance tuition. Carla will work with you to achieve your health and fitness goals. Private sessions focused on your needs or bring a buddy and share the fun. Get in touch to discuss your needs. Call 0210357440 for weekend availability.


Personal Training with Tarsh

45 minutes @ NZ$75.00

Are you looking for an 'all about you' one on one session or bring your buddy along and share the fun? Movement training personalised for your goals and your body.

Pilates Schedule


9.30am Intermediate Pilates
10.25am Intermediate/Advanced Pilates
12.15pm Lunchtime Pilates
5.30pm Beginner/Intermediate Pilates


9.30am Intermediate Pilates
4.30pm Beginner/Intermediate Pilates
5.25pm Intermediate/Advanced Pilates


10.30am Beginner/Intermediate Pilates


9.30am Intermediate Pilates
4.40pm Advanced Pilates

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